Pulling Something Positive from this Pandemic

There’s a bright side to being stuck at home for weeks on end?  As a forever optimist, I say yes! Does it outweigh the losses we are suffering? No, it does not. I don’t know what can, but I do know that it is human nature, and very much my nature, to try and find good in every person and positives in every situation. So here it goes…

It’s okay to be alone Like it or not, there’s going to come a time in life when you are alone and now that’s not something you have to fear. Lately, we have all had a lot of time with ourselves and guess what – we made it and hopefully found out we’re pretty good company! So whether it’s a Friday night with no plans, the first few nights when you get to college or even after a break-up, know that you’re going to be okay hanging solo for a bit.     

People can work together for a greater good This crisis has caused everyone from people in your neighborhood to Congress to the countries to unite.  Even competitors came together on this. CVS partnered with Walgreens, Walmart with Target, Google with Apple, all in an effort to fight this common enemy.  We saw more get accomplished at the government level in a month than we’ve seen in years. Let’s hold on to this idea that we are all in this together-not just this pandemic, but this life.  

Finding your inner passion My aunt rediscovered her love of art, my daughter taught herself to juggle, the woman down the road is landscaping and my son is learning to code. People are getting creative and getting busy! Life moves fast sometimes and we forget the amazing things we are capable of with a little time and attention. Cherish this time and hold on to these new found hobbies.

Self monitoring  Whether it’s setting a school/work schedule for yourself or making the snacks in your grocery order last the whole week, people are learning the ever important executive functioning skills of time management and self regulating. Okay, so you scale may be arguing this point, but let’s look at the big picture. You rationed when you needed to and even without bells to get from class to class, a time clock to punch, or your boss walking by, you were productive and got stuff done.     

Our patterns really can change the environment I’m not suggesting we stay home any longer than the health officials recommend, but it’s worth noting the changes in air quality and the environment since the stay home orders have been put in place. Let’s understand the impact humans have and try and find a balance between resuming activities and being good to our mother.

There is no substitution for being around friends and family  Social media and video chatting was the norm for kids interacting, but it was until they couldn’t be with each other that they realized it’s not the same. People need people and when this is over, let’s not pass up a chance to spend time with family and old friends.  Let’s also remember what it feels like to be alone and maybe reach out to those who are and spend time with them as well.