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The Study Lounge offers a complete middle school program with in-person math & English classes Monday through Thursday along with full support in FLVS science and social studies. Fun Fridays provide a great way to end the week with hands-on science, art, cooking, and more!  The best part is, with time built in for home work and studying, your evenings and weekends are stress-free!

Our Hybrid Middle School is the perfect alternative to traditional school. Whether brick and mortar caused too much anxiety or FLVS/homeschool was too isolating, we are here to provide academic, social, and emotional success!​

✓ superior curriculum & private school teachers

✓ small class setting and personalized attention

✓ 4 day class schedule to allow flexibility

✓ creating a love of learning and understanding of concepts, while fostering independence

Holly Steamer

  • Founder and Program Director
  • Master’s of Science in Education
  • 25+ years of experience
    • American Heritage
    • Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    • Middle and High School Tutor/Teacher
After many years in education, from NJ to FL, middle to high, public to private, classroom to administration, I know what works. Curriculum needs to build a foundation and at the same time inspire students to branch out and apply what they learn. Teachers should be compassionate and nurturing and the setting should not only decrease stress, but open minds. These ideas sparked the creation of our Hybrid Middle School at The Study Lounge. With faculty from the top private schools in the area, we are set to deliver a superior program that educates and nurtures your child. Traditional brick and mortar is not for everyone and neither is pure FLVS. The is another option, a better option, and we can’t wait to show it to you! 

Getting registered as a home education student is easy!


Here is the link to the Palm Beach County Home Education Office website with helpful information about making the transition to a homeschool status.

Just follow these 2 steps!

If you get stuck along the way we’re here to help.

1. Electronically submit your Notice of Intent to the Palm Beach County Home Education Office.

2. Register with FLVS FLEX. You will need proof of residency to complete registration. You are registering for FLEX, and clicking on ENROLL IN 6-12

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions!


What classes are in person and what classes are online?

Math and English, the two core classes that kids need the strongest foundation in, are in person. History, science, and any electives (optional in middle school) are done on FLVS with full support from our floor tutors.


How do I sign my child out of public school? What forms do I need?

Call your school and notify them you are withdrawing your child. Next, electronically submit your Notice of Intent (see Home Education/FLVS Links) to the Palm Beach County Home Education Office. Then click on the link for FLVS Flex. Make sure you have your proof of residency ready to upload and you are set. 


What FLVS classes do I register my child for?

When you click on grades 6-12 you will see options for your child’s grade level. If you enrolling in our Full or Core Experience, you only need to enroll in your grade level science and social studies.


Do I sign up for advanced classes on FLVS? What’s the difference?

If your child has been on an advanced track, then continue. If not, know that the advanced classes include additional, more challenging assignments.


Is there homework?

Math will have just enough to reinforce what was done in class and English will have homework as needed  Students will have time built into their day to complete it with the help of our floor tutors.


How does the quality of education compare to that of public or private education?

The English and math curriculum surpass public and private school. Our founder was the Assistant Director of Curriculum at American Heritage and also taught at a top public school district up north. She has taken the best parts from her experience and recruited teachers from Pine Crest and North Broward. Together they have created an incredible middle school program. 


Is there an hourly schedule to follow daily?

Math classes are in the morning at set times and English in the afternoon, every Monday through Thursday. We recommend spending the time in between on FLVS classes and completing homework. We are open from 8am-8pm on those days and kids with the Full or Core Experience packages are welcome to stay as long as they want. The program is designed for students to complete all their work and homework between 9am-3pm. See our sample week!


Where can I find the yearly schedule?

We follow the Palm Beach Public School Calendar regarding end of quarters, parent-teacher conferences, teacher work days, and vacations. 

What happens on Friday?

F-U-N! Our Full Experience package includes Fun Friday which is filled with hands-on science experiments, crafts, art, and cooking! The Fun Friday only package is also available. If students choose not to participate in the extracurricular activities, The Study Lounge is still open 8am-6pm to catch up on FLVS or homework, as needed.


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