New Ideas for Quality Family Time

Learn a Language Together I’m not talking about conjugating verbs here. Take advantage of the time to learn the conversational part of a language. Download an app or purchase an online course.  You can airplay it in the living room and learn it together. Practice your new greetings and encourage each other to use your new vocab words whenever you can.

Game Night Cliche? Maybe, but it’s an oldie and a goodie! Whip out that Monopoly board, Clue, Scrabble, or even just a deck of cards. Board games not your thing?  If the weather allows, try Corn Hole or Croquet. They make junior versions for little ones too!

Painting Party Okay, maybe you don’t keep a set of oil paints and brushes around, but everyone has pencils and paper. Grab the bowl of fruit, the family dog, or a landscape and start drawing. No artists in the family?  It makes it even funnier when it comes time to judge the drawings!  

Puzzle Time  Nothing kills time like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Get on line and order one up. They’re a crowd pleaser and you can make a whole night of it or just leave it as a work in progress. It makes for a nice break during the school/work day too.    

Karaoke Download an app or just have everyone pick their favorite song and pull up a lyrics website: Who needs the actual machine?! Pick a duet or go solo and belt one out. Maybe do dinner and a show and take turns!

Bring Back Home Ec I’m not suggesting a how-to on hemming pants (although if you can that’s awesome), but it is useful to know how to sew a button. If sewing isn’t in your wheelhouse, how about a cooking demo? Maybe there’s a family recipe that’s been passed along. Now’s your chance to pass it on to the next generation.