The Study Lounge isn’t your typical tutoring center. Our 4,000 square foot space–open 5 days a week–offers a one-of-a-kind setting to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of today’s tweens and teens. Inspiring tutors specializing in all subject areas are walking the floor ready to motivate and offer distance learning and homework help. Different spaces offer opportunities to work individually, collaborate with friends on a project, decompress or hang-out with friends and grab a snack.  We  offer a full calendar of fun AND educational fall classes to help you build confidence and finish the school year strong!



Designed by kurani, the architectural firm who created spaces for Google, Harvard, and Khan Academy, The Study Lounge was built with a purpose.  We created a space which incorporates the latest principles of design in education and modeled it after workspaces of the future. The result is a space that fosters academic and personal growth today and prepares kids for the settings and challenges of tomorrow.  This is a space for teens to call their own, where they can start to figure out how they learn best and where they work best.  Independence is a long road and The Study Lounge is paving the way. 


Imagine never having to battle with your kids over homework again! If a little help isn’t enough, booking an immediate one-on-one tutor session is a click away on our app.  And when it comes time for standardized test prep, we’ve got that too. We’re an authorized provider of Ready, Set, Prep test prep, who works with one of the top private schools in the county! Whatever your tutoring needs are we’ve got you covered, and if your stomach starts growling, we’ve got that covered too!  Our cafe offers a bunch of snacks (yes, parents, healthy ones too), grab-and-go breakfasts, lunches, and a variety of beverages.


The Study Lounge encourages kids to build the skills they need for college and the workplace by giving them a safety net – not a crutch – as they learn to navigate their way towards independence.  As parents, we want them to work the kinks out here and now, not when they’re miles away at school, and The Study Lounge is the place for that. It’s not just a place for learning, it’s a place to de-stress and have fun.  That’s why we’re open later on the weekends for fun stuff like movies and pizza, game night, open mic night and karaoke. Parents – drop them off, go do your thing, and pick them up when you’re done! Say goodbye to kids sitting in their room on their devices all night and, while you’re at it, say hello to date night again!


Drop us a line, we promise to answer!