What if we told you we could get you the scores you need for your
"dream school?"

Dr. Gary Dubler, SAT Strategist, can!

“As an SAT specialist, I tutor for all four sections of the SAT; however, I do not teach math or english! What I teach is analytical thinking. This allows students to read through the extraneous material presented in the questions and successfully select the answer that the SAT is looking for.

This test has been engineered for over 90 years to limit the score of 95% of all students—even straight-A students. With my method, a score of 1500 is VERY achievable if students and parents are willing to commit to:

  • Attend each of the seven two-hour sessions (parents are encouraged to attend with them, although not required).
  • Take WRITTEN (not typed) notes at each session.
  • Take and complete the next exam assignment (using the student’s written notes) in a timely fashion.

– Dr. Gary Dubler

  • Dates: Jan. 28, 2021 – March 11, 2021
  • Price: $1050 (sign up with a friend and EACH take $50 off, no limit)
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