We know teens and the demands on them, and just how high the stress level can run. The Study Lounge offers a solution. It’s a place where your teen can get help with their distance learning and homework 6 days a week. Imagine not having to deal with that every night! One on one tutoring and test prep is also available. The goal is to support kids on their journey towards independence while they figure out what they need to be successful. Our 4,000 sq. ft space in Delray Marketplace was designed to give teens choices to match their learning style and their mood. Blending educational research and tomorrow’s workspace, The Study Lounge provides a new concept for academic, social and emotional growth.



Members have unlimited access to The Study Lounge 6 days a week. That’s access to help from inspiring tutors who engage and motivate! Members can study, hang out with friends, relax, or refuel at our cafe bar. One-on-one tutoring is offered at a discounted rate and a long list of summer programs are included. Open till 10pm on Saturdays, members have an open invite to our movie nights, karaoke, open mic, and game nights! All this for about the price you pay for a tutor once a week. Contact us to find out more and learn about our Summer Special!



From a traditional classroom to our landscape room that looks like rolling hills, The Study Lounge has space for everyone. Work with your friends at the community table, grab a board game and a spot on the couch, or curl up in a reading nook. You can get together with your group in one of our study rooms or go unwind and reconnect with nature in our garden room. The Study Lounge is a welcoming setting that’s all about finding your niche.



It’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. The cafe at The Study Lounge offers a variety of grab and go options. With a wide array of breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, sushi and snacks, kids can refuel and refocus. Grab a drink and a snack or stay for a meal…whatever you’re in the mood for! We promise, we’re way better than any school cafeteria! Parents, say goodbye to packing lunches! Don’t worry, you get a weekly summary of items purchased so you can keep an eye on things.